Industry 4.0 made easy: digital process monitoring

wearTell provides you with a web application that allows you to keep an eye on your processes on all your devices. Thanks to a simple presentation of all key figures and functions, only minimal training is required.

Up to date: data acquisition and processing on PC, tablet or smartphone

wearTell records data in the ultrasonic range - making problems visible that others do not notice. The data generated is processed using state-of-the-art techniques and the dashboard display makes it easy to interpret the data.

Pattern recognition
OPC UA interfaces
Industry 4.0
Integration via REST-API and MQTT

Phase-accurate data acquisition - wearTell analyses processes to the millisecond

Based on machine data (OPC UA/EUROMAP or PLC), wearTell assesses the status of your processes with phase accuracy. Problems on moulds such as defective sideshifters, ejectors or venting issues can thus be localised and the corresponding measures can be carried out precisely and in good time.

Go new ways with Industry 4.0 and OPC UA

Use the MQTT and REST API possibilities of wearTell as part of your Industrie 4.0 solution. The documentation of the interfaces is available online so that you are informed quickly, up-to-date and comprehensively. The data of your PLC and OPC-UA-/ EUROMAP interfaces is used by wearTell, which is why integration into your existing Industrie 4.0 or cloud solutions is possible.


wearTell simply explained


How does wearTell work?

wearTell records vibrations in the tool in the ultrasonic range and looks for anomalies in the data. These are displayed in easy-to-interpret diagrams. One look is enough to assess the condition of the tool. The evaluation of the condition is carried out with phase accuracy so that the appropriate measures can be carried out in a targeted manner and at the right time.

What are the advantages of wearTell?

With wearTell you can assess the condition of your tool at any time and react proactively accordingly. Set maintenance intervals based on actual conditions, register faults immediately and thus optimise your production.

Do I have to modify the tool in order to install wearTell?

No, the tool does not have to be adapted. The wearTell sensors can be easily attached to the machine or tool by means of a magnetic holder and retrofitted. Depending on the process, one or more sensors can be used.

What do I need for wearTell?

For phase-accurate recording, wearTell requires signals from the PLC machine control or OPC UA/EUROMAP. In order to be able to use the web interface of wearTell, wearTell is integrated into your company network. This gives you full control over access to the device and where your data is stored. If you do not have your own company network, please contact us - we will advise you on alternative solutions.

What happens to my data?

The data is stored locally and you can access it at any time via our interfaces. With wearTell you have full control and maximum flexibility of your data.

Successful process optimisation - the right solution for every issue

Take a moment and let wearTell do the rest - so that your machines run longer and you reduce maintenance costs!