More measurement data for a more reliable analysis

wearTell adds new functions to its structure-borne sound sensor technology and enables faster data retrieval between system

In condition-based monitoring of industrial machines, the regularity of the measurements and the accuracy of the measurement data are particularly important, as these measurement values can be used to perform analyses and adjust maintenance intervals accordingly. In the aluminum die casting and injection molding industry, wearTell is the pioneer in structure-borne sound measurement methods for tools. wearTell has now added a number of functions to its range of services that optimise the measurement process and make it much easier to pass on the data to the internal network.

Increased variety of measurements for less wear
Until now, the wear condition was measured using a single structure-borne sound sensor, which provided the decisive data for the algorithm. By using multiple structure-borne sound sensors, it is now possible to include a variety of measured variables in the evaluation. The sensors can be easily upgraded and provide even more accurate data on the current wear condition of the tool. Furthermore, additional sensors for measuring temperature, cavity pressure or flow rate can now be installed and evaluated.

The intelligence of the machine
Intelligent machine learning enables wearTell to recognise patterns and regularities and develop appropriate solutions for optimising the production unit. New algorithms enable the system to monitor processes more precisely, define intervention limits more easily and perform component monitoring more efficiently. Uncontrolled machine failure can thus be avoided and the service life of the tool significantly extended.

Accessing system control via the network
The system can now be accessed at any time, digitally monitored and viewed from any authorised terminal over the network via a web application. This innovation simplifies system control and data exchange, and enables more accurate monitoring of the tool to increase machine productivity and determine maintenance intervals more efficiently.

Easy data forwarding
All relevant process data can be transferred to the company network or the cloud via a REST API interface and thus made available to all users. The interface enables the integration into in-house dashboards or monitoring systems while at the same time ensuring secure data exchange.

About wearTell

Founded as an industrial start-up, wearTell is a pioneer in the application of structure-borne sound measurement techniques in the maintenance of production equipment. Specialising in wear analysis for injection molding and aluminum die casting machines, wearTell develops software and hardware solutions that can be used to adapt maintenance and repair intervals to the respective wear condition based on valid measurement data in a time- and cost-saving manner.

For more information, visit: https://​weartell​.com

Contact information:

Martin Kolpatzik
wearTell Vertriebsgesellschafft mbH & Co KG
Universitätsstr. 142
44799 Bochum
Phone: +49 234 54 45 02 09
Email: info@​weartell.​com

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