wearTell rethinks your process optimisation

wearTell gives you new insights into your processes - automated and simple. Act with foresight so that your processes no longer surprise you.

Optimise your production processes
Improve your tool­making processes
Increase your key production figures
Automate and network: Industry 4.0

Your partner for process optimisation

Our team of process engineers, toolmakers, software developers and data scientists know your processes and daily challenges. We work every day to develop a product tailored to your needs and to provide you with optimal service and support.


Technology of tomorrow

wearTell follows the latest technical developments in industry and IT. Structure-borne sound, artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0 etc. - we make these technologies usable for you.


wearTell is there for you - worldwide

Through strong and long-lasting relationships with our customers and partners, we pursue successful process optimisation. We are at your service across industries and countries. Feel free to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.

wearTell Deutschland GmbH Standort Wuppertal Deutschland

Heinz Fangmann Str. 4, Haus 5
42287 Wuppertal

Telefon +49 202 97 47 37 64

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Haferweg 46
22769 Hamburg

Telefon +49 202 97 47 37 64

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Room 701, Commercial Building 1
Wenda Plaza,
328 Meiping West Road

Pingsha Town, Jinwan District
Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province

Successful process optimisation - the right solution for every issue

Take a moment and let wearTell do the rest - so that your machines run longer and you reduce maintenance costs!