Versatile use: preventive maintenance, damage prevention and process optimisation.

Benefit from pattern recognition - the added value for your production and process monitoring.

One step ahead:
predictive maintenance

Unplanned production downtimes due to cracks in the steel structure or even the breakage of individual components of the mould cause high losses in production and mould construction in the injection moulding industry. If mould availability is limited by these damage events to individual components of the mould, planned production targets cannot be met. Through our predictive maintenance solution, the operation of moulds and machines is monitored - to minimise unplanned downtimes in production and mould making and to reduce your costs.


Production with foresight: Condition monitoring

The regular recording of actual tool conditions during production is the challenge in injection moulding and die casting production in order to guarantee the planned production targets, plant utilisation and ensuring the supply of parts. wearTell enables you to display tool and production parameters via condition monitoring so that wear and damage can be detected immediately and remedied at an early stage. By displaying your production process in an intuitive dashboard, you can control your production across the board. Derive informative key production figures, reduce downtimes and optimise your production processes with reliable real-time data.

A head start secured: process optimisation

Increase efficiency and reduce costs: with wearTell you increase the competitiveness of your production. Using the analysis tools of structure-borne noise technology, wearTell ensures optimisation in every single phase of your production process. This enables you to guarantee a stable production process.


Damage prevention

By using wearTell, you can better plan maintenance based on the actual condition of your mould or machine in injection moulding and die casting - in order to avoid replacement parts.

die-casting - to optimise and minimise spare parts costs and storage costs. By determining production-relevant data and statistics, problems and damage can be identified and prevented in good time. This gives you more planning security for upcoming mould maintenance and allows you to target your personnel deployment.


Key figure optimisation

By using wearTell you permanently monitor your production process and improve your overall equipment efficiency (OEE). Concentrate on individual production issues and optimise your productivity, quality, cost, storage and safety key figures (TPM).

Successful process optimisation - the right solution for every issue

Take a moment and let wearTell do the rest - so that your machines run longer and you reduce maintenance costs!