wearTell analyses and optimises your production processes

wearTell combines precise measurement technology with intuitive usage options. Concentrate on optimising your production while the wearTell sensors, which we retrofit to your tools, permanently analyse your production processes with phase accuracy.

Reduce your maintenance costs
Increase your machine utilisation
Avoid tool damage

Your production always in view - our dashboard makes it possible

The current status of your processes, incipient damage, problems in the individual process phases, production downtimes, number of completed cycles: with our dashboard, you can monitor your production permanently and seamlessly - whether on a PC, tablet or smartphone.


The smart solution on the way to digitalisation

Use wearTell as an Industry 4.0 solution and take your tool management, production processes, set-up times and maintenance intervals to a new level - by optimising your OEE and TPM key figures. You already have an existing Industry 4.0 solution and want to expand it with wearTell's structure-borne sound data? Thanks to our MQTT and REST API, our data and analyses can be processed flexibly. You have full control over the data.

  • Our references

    Consumer goods industry

    Produce your consumer goods, such as hoovers or displays, faster and more flexibly. The digitalisation of your processes opens up new potentials in production optimisation.

  • Our references

    Automotive industry

    With wearTell you can monitor your processes. Detect damage to your tools in time and reduce your production downtimes.

  • Our references

    Medical technology

    Whether mass or individual production - we make your processes visible and respond to issues such as venting and core breakage.

Successful process optimisation - the right solution for every issue

Take a moment and let wearTell do the rest - so that your machines run longer and you reduce maintenance costs!